Sripada season begins on December 3


The Sripada season will begin with the dawn of the Unduwap (December) Poya on (3rd Dec.) and end on Veasak full moon poya day, 2018 (May), said Sripadasthanadipathi, Ven. Bengamuve Dhamma Dinna Thero.

The Thero said that the vehicle procession taking the relics, God Saman’s statue and the jewellery of the god will be held on a grand scale while steps have been taken to provide all facilities for pilgrims who will visit Sripada during this season.

After the religious rites and all night pirith to be held on 1st December at Galpoththawela Raja Maha Viharaya in Pelmadulla, the procession will leave in the early morning of 2nd December to Nallathaniya and from there to Sripada.

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